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Hello, and welcome. Here you will find information about our world famous, "Ultimate Body Applicator," referred to by many as, "That Wrap Thing." It might sound a bit comical at first but the reviews from actual users has been tremendous.

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Complete instructions of how to use the product is included on this site. Most people see positive results in the 45 minute initial application, which is the recommended time for the first use of the product. This way one can determine if there might be an adverse skin reaction to the product use. The results continue  for up to 72 hours after the application.

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The instructions suggest that you drink plenty of water before and during the application period. Other than that it is simple.

The Wrap is not new. ItWorks! has been in business since 2001 and the Ultimate Body Applicator was the first and only product for some time. It has been such a success that the company eventually began to develop other products that address health and appearance concerns.

Apparently, the products worked so well that users were almost screaming, "It Works! so the company decided on that name.

There are very few personal care products that you can use and see positive results in as little as 45 minutes for the wrap product and in as little as two minutes for, "WOW," the facial product also mentioned on this page.

There are many reasons why you should consider joining ItWorks! as a distributor and help us spread the word. One reason is that the company does over a half an billion dollars annually and recently initiated a world wide expansion with the goal of being a billion dollar company.

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With this in mind the company is adding new, "Life Changing," products and offering incentives to distributors to make growth a natural progression. We hope that you will join us from wherever you are in the world and be a part of our success.

There are many opportunities to get involved in and I am not going to say that this is the best or only opportunity to chose from. But I think that if you look closely at what  is offered here you will find something that you can sink your teeth into.

The word is out. "That Wrap Thing," by ItWorks! really works and you don't have to apologize for it. You can be proud to be associated with it and tell friends and relatives who will be eager to help you spread the word. People like talking about something that really works.

It's like planting seeds, and before long you will have a beautiful garden. The sky is truly the limit and we hope you will join us and enjoy the harvest.

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