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Body Wrap Instructions

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Hi. Here we show body wrap instructions for those who want a little more information about our amazing wrap products.

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You can click on our YouTube page and see information or click on some of the other links on this page which will have clear and easy to understand instructions on just how to get the best results from the wrap products.

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The wrap product that we are familiar with is the one produced and marketed by ItWorks! The information and videos you find on this site pertain to this particular product. We think our product is the best anywhere. 

I attended an ItWorks! conference in Tampa, Florida in January of 2019 and there is a video clip of some of the highlights from the conference on this page. It short, but you get the excitement from unpaid spokespersons who tell of their results with these products and the amount of extra money they have been able to make just sharing it on social media and other sources.

Highlights Form The Tampa Conference

ItWorks! offers many other products now, but the original product was the wrap. Many people used it in the early stages of the company and the usual response was, "It Works! It was then that some one with, amazing intuition, decided that this would be a good name for the company.

The Science Behind The Wrap

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We offer much more information on this site. You can access some of it by going to the homepage and looking at that information. The wrap is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. You need to drink a lot of water. More than you are drinking now to get maximum results.

Some people are going to the extremes of having Intestinal By-Pass surgery done or even Liposuction. These measures are very expensive and include a health risk. I know one lady who was on the table and prepped for surgery when it was discovered that she had been on blood thinners and if the procedure had continued she might have bled to death. That was years ago, and this product was not available.

She still had the surgery done a couple of months later. Can you imagine how thrilled she would have been to know that such a product as this existed? There are people today that need this product and will be thrilled by the way it works.

Body Wrap Instructions

Most people don't drink enough water anyway usually resulting in some health problems that wouldn't otherwise exist. I read somewhere that if the average person would drink just two extra glasses of water per day they could reduce the chance of a heart attack by 50%

There is much more to the wrap product than just instructions on how to use it. Most of the information on this page is about instructions. Feel free to look around and you might find many other interesting things to consider including products and their uses.

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Maybe you haven't heard of our WOW! product. WOW stands for wiping out wrinkles. It has enjoyed phenomenal success because it works in under two minutes. When people see the amazing results in such a short time all they can say is, WOW! That's how we came up with the name

We have products that are really, "Life Changing!" Just as Uber and some of the other Transportation For Hire companies are changing the way people get around, ItWorks! is changing the way people lose weight and trim body areas that don't seem to respond to weight loss. 

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