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ItWorks! global expansion has begun and we are very excited about it. Hi. I'm an independent distributor for ItWorks! and recently attended a conference in Tampa, Florida in January of 2019. There were distributor present from many countries around the world. I know because when a country name was called people from that country would stand, applaud or clap.

The exciting news is that the company has put up a website where people can go to and pre-register. That way they will have a head start when the company opens in that country. The site to go to is:


ItWorks! did $700 million dollars in sales volume last year, and they decided that they want to go to ! Billion dollars per year in the next three years. When a company like ItWorks! does that much volume, basically in the U.S.A., and decides to go internationally, it's sort of like, "Ground Floor," all over again. Various incentives have been added to the marketing plan and bonus structure to make it easier for distributors to grow large organizations.

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ItWorks! global has a special site built just for international distributors. 

This is for Pre-Enrollment and is available right now, so if you like what you see go to the site and pre-enroll. It is free and you will receive updated information as it becomes available.

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I also suggest that you look around on this website and see all the other fine products that we distribute. The company has become famous for our wrap product, but there are several other excellent products that are making great strides.

One such line of products is our, "Keto," section. Here you will find coffee and Ketones coupled with information about the Keto Diet. If you, "Keto," or are thinking about it, you will be glad you found this information. Visit our Keto Diet Section Here. 

We have also added our, Greens-On-The-Go Products. This is state-of-the-art nutrition like no other for the health conscious on the run. Some people are getting creative and have begun adding our chocolate Greens On The Go to their Keto Coffee to get a flavor similar to a chocolate Latte.

There are the Ketones, which can be added to salads or soups to enhance the Keto way of life.

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I have other pages on this site that have more information for you to look at about the ItWorks! global expansion. This is such an easy business and product to share with others. If you start in a country outside of the United States, you could be the only person within miles who can be contacted for products. How great would that be. Even if there are other distributors in your area it just adds to the excitement because people will know someone or heard of someone who is getting great results on the products. It's like it is already pre sold.

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Application has already been submitted to the Philippines and Mexico with many other countries to follow. Go to the International link and pre-register for free. That way you will be ahead of the game and will get the latest updated information concerning your country.

Join our ItWorks! global expansion. All you need to do to get started in your country is go to the link and Pre-register. It is free and you will begin to receive updates about how soon your country will be opening. I look forward to working with you and thanks for taking the time to go through this information.

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