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Hi. This is ItWorks!, and we're in the process of a worldwide expansion. I have provided information on this site to inspire and enlighten you as to what we have to offer. We offer great products, the Ultimate Body Applicator being the most well known and most purchased.

We also offer a great opportunity to earn extra income as an independent distributor.

This is very easy to share. Just about anybody you mention it to will be interested. Many people have heard of it or actually know someone who has used the products with success.

The word is out, and the company is in the process of expanding globally. If you are in a country other than the USA, there are incentives for you to introduce or expand what is already happening there. You can go to the global link and pre-register in your country for free.

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To some people it is like the, "Jack-in-the-beanstalk," story. They posted on social media or talked to someone at work and now they are making more money in months than they make on their full time jobs after several years.

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"It works! info about global expansion has been a question for many people who like the product and want to use or promote it in their own country and until now have not been able to.

The good news is that the company is now in the process of expanding worldwide. Several countries that are not on the list including the Philippines and Mexico will be very soon. If you live in any country that ItWorks! has not expanded to and you would like to be an independent distributor there when it is available you can go to the pre-enroll link on this site and enroll for free. That way you will get first hand information when we do expand there.

There is also a drop-ship service which allows customers to purchase products without you having to physically package and ship them. This is a true time saver as your business grows.

You might find it hard to believe, but some people might love a product but will never buy it because they have to join something or be sold by a distributor. They are the kind of people who like to visit car dealerships when all the staff has gone home and look around on their own.

Global expansion is going to have a tremendous effect on the way It Works! is perceived. 

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There should be a small box on this page that list the countries that ItWorks! ships to currently. If your country is on the list that means that you can join ItWorks! as an independent distributor and get the product started in your country.

You might be the only distributor for miles and have a great opportunity to make a good income by sharing the product. You could probably give it away and the person you gave it to, if they used it would come back and buy from you in the future.

They could even sign up as a loyalty customer and get a 40% discount off the retail price and not even have to join as a distributor. This will appeal to many people who like a product but don't necessarily want to join.

You can also pre-register for free and be the first to know when your country is open. You will begin to receive information and instructions on becoming a distributor in your country. Go to this link to Pre-register now!


This is a well established American company that has been in business since 2001. We are a debt free company with yearly revenues of over $700 million dollars.

The company growth has been phenomenal. We made INC 500 three years in a row. It's my understanding that you have to have a good track record for 5 years before you can be listed in the INC 500 report, and that you can only get listed 3 times.

This is just something you might want to look at as you contemplate joining and becoming a distributor.

The applications have already been submitted to the Philippines and Mexico. You can get  ahead of the game by going to the link below and pre-register for free. Thanks for visiting my website and feel free to look around at other information on this site.

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