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Hello, and welcome to ItWorks! info. ItWorks! is the home of what some call, "That Crazy Wrap Thing." The actual name of the product is, "The Ultimate Body Applicator," but who wants to go to the trouble of saying or remembering all that?

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Highlights From The Tampa Conference

When you listen to the stories of some ItWorks distributors, it will remind you of the kids story, "Jack-and-the-Beanstalk." I mean like, all some people did was post ads on social media or talk to a couple of people at work a few months ago, and now they are making more money from ItWorks! than they are making on their job, where they have been for several years. Look at the highlights from the Tampa conference, which I attended, and have put a link to on this page.

In marketing it is sometimes referred to as, "The Acceptance Ratio," of a product. The body wrap and Keto products have a high acceptance ratio. Don't take my word for it, but try it yourself and see that most people you talk to are eager to talk about it or at least want to know more. This might be an indicator for you to think of this as a business.

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I've been in some kind of marketing most of my adult life, and there's an old adage, "Some People See Things Happen. Some People Make Things Happen, and other people wonder what happened."

There is a lot going on and ItWorks! that is making an impact on people's health and finances. It would greatly, "Behoove you," to take a hard look at either becoming a customer or joining as a distributor and help us in the great worldwide expansion that is underway. 

Some people get involved with companies in direct sales to make more money, just as Mark and Cindy Pentecost, the founders of ItWorks! did, but quickly discover that the stories of people who have actually changed their lives from a health standpoint alone, is far more rewarding than the money could ever be.

Have you looked at the two most highly advertised diet programs on television? Have you looked at the price? Have you looked at their actual success ratio? Do you think that everyone on the diet has had the same degree of success as the spokesperson? Do you think the diet is as simple to follow as advertised? Do you think that knowing he or she was going to appear on television might have  prompted them to do things that might not have been in the original plans, just to make sure that they would make a good grand appearance? Just a thought. These are questions you probably ask yourself when you watch television commercials.

If that is the case, watch the Highlights from the Tampa Conference. These aren't paid actors and actresses. These are actual users of the products that did not intend to be onstage from the beginning, as the television actress or actor did.

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Many people have heard of that crazy wrap thing and think that is all there is to know about, "It Works!" However, as you are about to discover, there is so much more in the way of products and life changing experiences that people are having each and every day.

I've  have made an effort to divide the, "It Works!" information into easy to understand topics that can be easily accessed by clicking on specific subjects on the navigation bar on the left

ItWorks! YouTube Page

I don't know the details of what happened in the first few days in the initial trials of the wrap product but it would seem that people who first tried it were all saying, "It Works! Thus, the name. The company was founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost in 2001. Mark and Cindy were apparently working class people who joined another direct sales company to make an extra $500 per month. Needless to say, after a few months the money started to add up quickly, which is usually the case for anyone who really works one of these businesses. Soon after, both were able to quit their full time jobs and work their business full time. Some time later, Mark and Cindy, decided to start their own company, and the rest is becoming history.

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ItWorks has been around since 2001 with great results. Millions of people have tried the product with amazing results to the point that one of the company slogans is, "Have You Tried It Yet?" That is my question to you. If not, why not? It is a very effective way to trim that part of your body that, "No Matter, how much weight you lose," doesn't  seem to want to go away.
I've included an actual demonstration of how the product works on this page. The video includes complete instructions and information about how to use the product. Also there is a link about how the wrap works that explains the science behind the product.

When you look at the fact that people are resorting to, liposuction and Intestinal By-pass surgery, to achieve  weight loss and look better, it's no wonder that the wrap product has had overwhelming success. Without all the expense or health risk involved, people have been able to achieve the desired results and can't wait to tell others about this amazing product.

Another product that is flying off the shelf is our, "WOW!" product which stands for, "Wiping Out Wrinkles." It works in as little as two minutes for facial wrinkles and bags under the eyes. When people use it, the first words that come out of their mouth is, WOW! thus the name. You can find information and order instructions in the pages on this site. I watched a television commercial the other day about a product that reduced wrinkles and went to the website and found out that that WOW! cost just a fraction of what that product cost.  I just wanted to mention the fact that there are several great products in addition to the wrap that everyone is talking about.

The late Zig Ziglar is remembered by many as one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. one of his great quotes was, "You Can Get Anything Out Of Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."

People want to live healthier lives. They want to look better. Many people want to make more money. We can render a solution to each of these wants just by mentioning the ItWorks! opportunity. What a concept!

I invite you to take a look around and see all the fine products we offer and help us to write the next chapter in the history of this great company. Some people join one of these business, like Mark and Cindy, to make a little extra money and find out rather quickly, that the income can be significant and continue to grow monthly. Some people love the products and decide that it would be in their best interest to sign up to get the products they are buying and enjoying anyway, at wholesale prices. From a health and financial standpoint, it makes sense to some people. they are not in it for the money.

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A little bit about me. My name is Lee E. Hooker, Sr.  I live in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex in Texas. I was born in Magee, Mississippi and grew up mostly in Mt. Olive, Mississippi, about 50 miles south of the capital city of Jackson. I attended Alcorn State University, where I majored in Industrial Arts, although I have never worked in that field.  I moved to Dallas from St. Petersburg, Florida where I had sold insurance, a long time ago. We moved to the northern suburb of Plano, Texas, where my children grew up. Shortly after arriving in Dallas I went into the automobile business. I sold new cars for some 20 years. I have been involved with several direct sales companies over the years, all while selling cars. Having four children, I have never depended on a business or job exclusively. Sometimes one won't do well and you can lean on the other one. Sometimes both do well. Since arriving in Dallas several years ago, I have attended the Dale Carnegie Institute in Sales and marketing. 

I've built groups, and done better than many people in the industry, but never hit it really big, if you know what I mean. Several times in the past it always seemed that whenever I would get into a good company, with a fantastic product, and soon after I started to make  good money,  something catastrophic  would happen. Either the company would have financial problems and go out of business or the government would come in and shut them down for whatever reason, whether it be the FDA or the FTC or EPA or several other three letter organizations. These were all legitimately fine companies, mind you, but unlike some big names you have heard of who were able to, "pay to play," all had to go out of business. If my last company, which dealt in, Online Advertising had survived for just six more months I probably would not be writing this. That's how close I have come to stardom in the past. Lately a well known company paid the FTC $200 million dollars to continue to operate. This is ridiculous when the company has been in business for over thirty years. I think I read somewhere a couple of years ago where, "Uber," the rideshare company, which is said to be the biggest startup company ever in history, paid the FTC $20 million dollars over some kind of misleading trade practices. Those 3 letter organizations have cost me a fortune in the past. Some have said that they should be 4 letter words.  They are sometimes referred to by entrepreneurs as the Government Mafia. I could write a book about my adverse experiences with governmental organizations. But not here.

That is why the infrastructure of this company appealed to me. As a result of past experience, I got out of the industry and started to do my own thing. I don't like enrolling people into businesses that don't last. I was doing fine freelancing and not needing to do anything else. I was involved with some companies just to buy great products at wholesale prices, but not trying to build organizations any more. I had a couple of dollars in the bank and an excellent income, so I wasn't looking for anything else. I am considered by some people who have been around me and worked with me over the years to be someone who can build a large organization if I see potential in a product or company. Hardly a week passes that I don't get an invitation from someone who knows me or was referred to me by someone. I got a call from a friend who has done exceptionally well in the industry. She invited me to go to Florida and look at a company named, "ItWorks! that she had gotten involved with. ItWorks! headquarters is located in Palmetto, Florida, a southern Tampa Bay city, bordering Sarasota and Bradenton. I have relatives all over the Tampa  Bay area and was wanting to go there anyway, so we flew down.

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I was blown away by what I saw. There was a large 5 story building, fully staffed. There was a friendly, "I Like My Job," type atmosphere among the employees that we saw. No one appeared stressed. I saw a large wall filled with small stickers. Upon closer inspection I was told that these were the names of some of the people who had paid off their mortgages with their income from ItWorks! I was told that the company does $700 Million dollars yearly in sales. So, I thought to myself, someone is getting good results, or a company would not do that much volume. By any means, that is a large market and there was a very low cost way for me to tap into it. From a business standpoint this began to make sense to me. Let's suppose you don't like, "chewing gum," and you think it's disgusting, but you find out that 700 million dollars worth of chewing gum is being purchased from a company each year and you can get a piece of the action for under $100 dollars and a little bit of effort on your part, why would you pass up an offer like that? It is better than a stock option, if you get my drift. Sometimes it's one's attitude toward business that limits their ability to make a lot of money. They either don't believe they can make a lot of money or don't want to risk failure. This attitude will keep you working for someone else for the rest of your life. You have to Hire Yourself, just like your employer did and then go to work for yourself just the way you did for your employer. It's that simple, but most people don't see it that way. I could go on but not here. I have a friend that made over a million dollars, in about three years, with a company that made a diet pill, and he never personally, took a single pill. I included this for those business minded people who might want a little deeper understanding than the fact that this is a good company to get involved with.
There is a lot of information on this site to look at. Other than the famous Wrap Thing, we have diet related products  as well as other health related products that truly live up to the name. All come with a money back guarantee and you don't even have to pay shipping. Can you even imagine that? That's right, a, "'Loyalty Customer," not only gets free shipping, but gets a whooping 40% discount just for being a Loyalty customer. This is all without even signing up as an independent distributor. Unheard of!

One other thing. You will hear me mention the late Zig Ziglar on this site in many places. I have bought books, and tapes. I have even attended live seminars in which Zig appeared. He lived in Dallas but was originally from Yazoo City, Mississippi. One of my favorite quotes from Zig was, "It's Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, That Will Determine Your Altitude In Life." 

Zig Ziglar Short video

Some people have the wrong attituded about business. I'm just saying! I'm putting this here so that you can ponder on this while you look at this opportunity. No matter what you decide it will not prevent me from reaching success in ItWorks! but it could have a tremendous impact on your life one way or the other.

When I was in 8th grade our principal filled in and taught a math class. He had an old saying that I have remembered over the years and which has allowed me to deal with the negative circumstances caused by people turning me down on good opportunities. Some people are scared to the bone that someone might think lowly of them or say no to a suggestion that they should join as a distributor or become a customer. This attitude can cost you a fortune.

When the principal was not teaching math, he would sometimes spend a little time talking to us about life. He would always say, don't worry about how people respond to what you say or do, because, "Some Do!, .....And,.... Some Don't!...…. Some Will!,.... And... Some won't!" Very simple, and it applies to just about anything you can think of in life.

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The company is in the process of a worldwide expansion and as a result your timing could not be better to get started as a distributor. It is super easy to share something that Works! You don't even have to personally store or deliver products. The company will drop ship the products directly to your customer's door. There are all kinds of ongoing incentives to build and expand your business.
In January 2019, I attended an, ItWorks! conference in Tampa, Florida. The arena was packed with people from all over the world. I know, because countries were announced, and people from those countries would clap or stand. Some had to use interpreters, when they appeared on stage, but the results were the same. The thing that really amazed me was that ItWorks! has a millionaire's club. It is composed of people who have been paid at least a 1 million dollars by the company in commissions. Some had made more than just a million. One couple had been paid $3 million dollars. I estimated the crowd to be around 100 people, maybe a little more who came on stage. Then they asked the people who had just qualified to join them on stage and about 20 more people went to the stage. Many had built their businesses just by posting on, "SOCIAL MEDIA," alone. A whole morning session was devoted to the social media platform. When I visited the company headquarters in Palmetto, Florida I saw an entire floor dedicated to social media. 

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If you have ever been to one of these events you see a handful of people who have made a lot of money and they try to convince you that you can do the same. They are usually, "Go Getter," types that are very outgoing with strong personalities. There were people like that here as well, but the majority of the people on stage had never been involved in anything other than regular hourly wage jobs. Many had been on welfare or in impoverished conditions. There were several people who had lost over a hundred pounds using our wrap product alone, and nothing else. Some were in tears. I saw couples who had lost over a hundred pounds together. Their results were amazing. Some were using our Keto Products alone. I saw single mothers and people who had been on food stamps who say they have to pinch themselves to believe this degree of success has happened to them. Talk about, "Rags To Riches!" There was a 20 year old college student present that had taken out a loan to attend college. She said that she had been able to go to the school and completely pay off her loan and whatever the future cost will be to finish college, and that when she finishes she will be able to pursue her dreams without having to think about getting a good paying job because she will probably never have to work for anybody. She said she didn't have any idea how to sell anything but did know how to post on social media and grew her business that way.

There was a young couple present who were expecting their first child. They were super excited because they could afford to pay for their child's education before it is born. They are also excited that they can both be stay at home parents by the time the baby is born, and that the baby will never see mommy, nor daddy, go to work. Stories such as these went on for about an hour and I am just naming a few. There were people with physical challenges who were successful and I could go on with the stories. Click on the link on this page that mentions the Highlights from the Tampa conference to see more. These sessions were held each day for over three days that the conference was in session and select segments were included in the video clip, but you can see the energy and excitement. Some people spoke who make more money in a month now than they once made in a year. These are just some facts from the convention for your consideration as you contemplate joining us and perhaps changing your health and financial future for the better. I have included a video clip of some highlights from the conference, but this is just a small selection of people who spoke on stage over the three day period. 

I am just putting this information here for you to digest and to maybe bookmark this information for future reference. Back in the days of, "Bonanza and Gunsmoke," there was another popular western show on television named, "The Guns Of Will Sonnett," starring, the late, Walter Brennan. I liked his old slogan, "No Brag, Just Fact."

The, "Flagship," product is the, "Ultimate Body Applicator," but the company offers other excellent products that also live up to the name, ItWorks!
For example, there are, "Keto Products," for those on the Keto diet, or who are thinking about it. I have included information on this site for your review.
For the, "Health Conscious," there is the, "Greens On The Go," product. This is a very healthy choice for busy people who want excellent nutrition without having to take the time to eat a salad or go to  the trouble of fixing something manually.
There is also a great tasting meal replacement shake that comes in two flavors that can be added to any weight loss routine. It amazingly reduces cravings, which is remarkable! You will think you are ill because you don't have an appetite. This makes it very easy to alter your diet and eat healthier foods.

There are popular commercials on the television showing solutions for reducing wrinkles and bags below the eyes. Well,  ItWorks!, has an app for that, and it's called, "WOW," (Wiping out Wrinkles) and it also lives up to the name, at a fraction of the cost for the product advertised on television. Go ahead and call the number on your screen, or go to the website, if you see the commercial on television, and compare the price. We have a demonstration of WOW! on this page for your information and a link where you can buy your guaranteed product today.
For, "Sports Enthusiast," there is the new, "Hydrate," sports and energy drink, that has less than one gram of sugar, and replaces Electrolytes lost in workouts or other sports related activities. It's great tasting and flying off the shelf. There is a link on this page for you to order it for yourself. If you know people who drink sports, or energy, drinks you might want to mention it to them.

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For those who want a more in depth look at, "It Works!" Info, there should be enough information to hold your interest. We have testimonials of happy users and their experiences.

There are links to actual products for sale for anyone who wants to try a product for personal use. You can order directly without having to talk to anyone.

There is an income opportunity for people who want to make an extra income as well.

These are just some of the products that I thought I would mention so that you would know that we have a lot more to offer than, "That Crazy Wrap Thing."
ItWorks!, is a totally debt free company that was listed on INC 500 Magazine three years in a row as one of America's Top 500 fastest growing companies. I learned a few years ago that INC 500 Magazine follows companies for 5 years and examines their growth before deciding to list them and then a company can only be listed for three years in a row. ItWorks! was listed each of the three years that it was eligible. That is impressive. Some, but not many, direct sales companies make the list.
Our company does $700 Million dollars annually in sales volume. That's quite impressive. The home office building pictured on this page is free and clear. The company owns other properties including an island and golf course that are free and clear.
Also, there is a very good income opportunity for you, or anyone you know, who likes sharing a good thing with others. Your customers can order directly from the company and have the product, "Drop Shipped," to their door, saving you the hassle of having to stock and deliver the product. This is an excellent, debt free, company that pays a very lucrative commission for independent distributors who want to make an extra income. It is very easy to share something that, "Works."

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The company was founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost with the purpose of helping anyone anywhere change their lives, both physically and financially.
Take a look around and either try some of our great products or join us and help spread the word around the world. Let's, "Go Tell It On The Mountain!" Thanks for visiting my website and reviewing this information.

Highlights From The Tampa Conference

Complete Wrap Demonstration Here

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